Emergency Preparedness

Best Types of Food for Emergency Preparedness

Natural calamities may happen like typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other disasters caused by nature. These calamities can cause trouble to people who will be affected like destroying their properties, livestock, businesses will be affected, and even killing the lives of many people. One way for you to survive and face this kind of tragedy is important to be prepared at all times. If you anticipate the things that will happen during and after these calamities like having total blackouts, no water to drink, stores are closed, no foods to buy outside, and communication lines are affected, then you need to prepare all the necessary things before the worst scenario may happen. Basic needs that we needed the most like water and food must be stored in our house when these things happen so we can have enough foods to eat. This article will give you information on what are the BEST TYPES OF FOOD FOR EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS.

Fueling your body in emergencies is much different from your daily diet. During an emergency crisis, your body needs more energy than your normal day, so you must eat high-protein and high-energy sources of food. Since you don’t know when your life gets to normal, the best thing that you can do is to save some of your food and stretch your supply out as long as possible. Good for you if you stored enough foods for these emergencies but what if you only have a limited supply? So it is better to stockpile long-lasting foods for you to live and survive longer.


Yes, we can always buy canned goods in supermarkets and the nearest commercial stores nearby. But if all the stores have been closed due to natural calamities, then store as much as many canned goods as you can. Canned goods like canned fruits, canned vegetables, soups, canned tunas, and sardines are favorite foods for stockpilers as you can easily open them and there’s no need for you to prepare and cook these foods. Almost anything you can think of usually comes and puts in a canned variety. But make sure to read and check first its expiration dates before eating this kind of food and rotate out your stock.


Food source items like peanut butter, canned meats, canned tuna, beef jerky, and beans are packed with protein and these will keep for a long period. Your body needs protein for you to stay healthy since protein fuels your body with energy and carries oxygen throughout your body in your blood. It makes antibodies to fight off illnesses and infections and keep your body cells to create new ones and become more healthy.


Clean water is a must to have especially for babies and children to avoid diarrhea, stomach ache, and other related problems. If you can afford to buy and stock sports drinks for electrolytes, then buy those drinks. These drinks will help you in replenishing your fluids if water is not available and become a scarce resource. Powdered milk is also the best alternative for dairy products and is a great source of Vitamin D. So secure these beverages like bottled water, sports drinks, and powdered milk for your benefit.


If you can have a tray of eggs before an emergency happens then you are on the right track. Eggs are one of the best sources of food nutrients and you can easily prepare eggs by boiling them in a hot water. Eggs contain several minerals and vitamins that are essential parts of your body. They provide several health benefits like strong muscles by maintaining and repairing body tissues and they contain necessary vitamins for the brain and your nervous system to function effectively and for you to think well and make sound decisions. Other benefits are energy production, a healthy immune system, good eye health, and having a lower risk of heart disease.


There are affordable fruits that are available in the market for you to buy like bananas, mango, and oranges for your immune system. These fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals that are needed in your body to fight any virus.


Aside from those foods being mentioned, flavorings may or may not be put and included in your stockpiling items. But you might miss some of them. So keep spices on hand to spice up your meals like salt, pepper, honey, bullion, sugar, and cooking oil.


These foods are cheap, easy to secure, and will last forever and the most important thing is will fill you up. So don’t forget to buy some fillers like cereal, granola bars, pasta, spaghetti sauce, rice, nuts, trail mix, and crackers.


Do not forget to stock up some sweeter foods as your body needs enough but not too much sugar. If you have kids, these food items can also be used as a reward for them to keep calm, behave, and follow your rules especially when emergencies happened. So have something sweet like hard candies and dried fruits in your stock room.


These items fall in the miscellaneous category but are important to humans. An example of these miscellaneous items is multivitamins. Taking multivitamins is good for your body to make sure you will have enough vitamins in your system since, during this time, the fresh and best source of nutrients foods are not available or somewhat limited. MRE’s or meals ready to eat have many offerings but these foods can be a little bit pricey but if you can buy some, then these would add a good alternate to your stockpile.

Being prepared in times of emergency crises is very crucial for you to survive. Do not wait before it will become too late. You can do simple things and check your list if you gather all the important things needed and if you have all the foods stored in your storage room. If you have all the things and foods that you need and you are prepared enough, then it is not difficult for you to face this kind of situation.

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