Biden Got Forced into Allowing More Drilling by Congress, Which Was Difficult to Do

During an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that whereas American drilling has gone up, it was troublesome to get that accomplished and the Biden administration “had to” permit that to occur as a result of Congress compelled them to achieve this.

Manchin said, “[I]t’s to the point now, we want to bring everything back to America, all the building blocks. Now, whether it be electric vehicles, things of that sort, that’s fine. But let’s make sure that we can support ourselves in doing it.”

He continued, “I basically said this, when Henry Ford started with the assembly line, the Model T, I don’t remember going out and saying, well, the government’s got to build the filling stations. If the government doesn’t build filling stations, we can’t invent the car, we can’t basically mass produce. … It’s the market. It’s capitalism. It’s the market. So, if you take that concept, and now, all of a sudden, we’ve got to build — the government’s got to do everything for you. And that’s the problem I have.”

Manchin added, “We have — we’re producing more energy today than we ever have. You don’t hear this administration talking about energy security. … You can walk and chew gum in America. It’s the United States of America.”

“Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker then stated, “The U.S. did have its best drilling month of the year last month.”

Manchin then lower in to say, “You know how hard that’s been to get that done?”

Welker then requested, “Does the President deserve some credit for that?”

Manchin answered, “Well, yeah, they had to let it happen because we forced it in the bill. We wrote the bill to where you have to have a balanced approach.”

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