Biden’s Low Poll Numbers Worthless — He Will Win a Second Term

Gov. Wes Moore (D-MD) mentioned Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he believed President Joe Biden will win a second time period as a result of his low ballot numbers are solely well worth the paper they’re written on.

Moore mentioned, “When you’re looking at polls a year out, they are worth the paper that they are written on. And I think, when you continue looking at the work that’s being done and the product that’s being produced, just this past week, we saw how over $7 billion of investment was coming to the State of Maryland for infrastructure.”

He continued, “We announced a couple weeks back that, you know, a quarter of a billion dollars going towards broadband and Wi-Fi construction. We are actually rebuilding things in a bipartisan way. And when you think about what people are asking for, bipartisan leadership, and you can get things done, the PACT Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, that’s President Biden. And I think that will show up in the election for next year.”

He added, “This is about performance, not personalities, and that’s why his performance is the reason that I believe deeply that the American people will give him a second term.”

Moore concluded, “President Biden is going to continue to show is that results do matter. You know, it’s one thing to say we’re going to rail against the system, and it’s another thing to actually work to make systems better. And that’s what I think President Biden has continued to show.”

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