‘Breaking Biden’ Unearths New Revelations About the Biden Family ‘That Will Shock and Appall’

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s forthcoming e book Breaking Biden finds new revelations about the “singularly corrupt” lifetime of Joe Biden that may “shock and appall” readers, the bestselling writer informed SiriusXM host Mike Slater on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“When you get to know the cast of characters that make up the rest of the Biden family, they’re every bit as bad as you’ve read in the news, and I unearth more details that will shock and appall all of you,” Marlow informed Slater.


He defined that Breaking Biden comprises quite a few startling revelations that he might be discussing in additional element nearer to the e book’s October 3 launch date.

There’s many scoops in it, but the one that I’m reserving for day one, there is no reason no one’s found it,” Marlow mentioned, including that it’s “almost enraging” that no different researcher took the time to report on this explicit revelation.

“When you research things like this, you’re like, ‘Why has no one found this? Why does no one care about Joe Biden, or whatever your subject is, enough to go dig this out?” he requested.

Marlow did give a couple of hints about this “day one scoop.”

“It involves one of the entities that’s obviously created to make Joe Biden wealthy and slightly more powerful than he was before he was president,” Marlow defined. “And it involves family members, it involves corruption, it’s all out there, and no one got it. I got it.”

“Someone else could go get it, and they should; but they won’t go get it because that’s not how our media is wired,” he added.

Marlow famous the irony of Politico publishing a narrative on Tuesday—proper earlier than Breaking Biden was introduced on Breitbart News—claiming that “Biden books are bombing.”

The incontrovertible fact that Breaking Biden shortly rocketed up the Amazon bestseller listing yesterday “debunks the Politico headline,” Marlow mentioned. In reality, as of this writing, Breaking Biden sits at #16 on Amazon’s bestseller listing and has even eclipsed the pro-Biden e book The Last Politician that Politico’s Playbook hyped.

Marlow believes the speedy rise of Breaking Biden—which is offered now for preorder—proves that the public actually is all for unraveling the reality about Joe Biden. 

“It shows you that there is some interest in figuring out this guy,” he mentioned. “And there should be because the ‘Sleepy Joe’ branding was inaccurate… He’s not ‘Sleepy Joe.’ He’s not just hanging out in his basement. He has since he was a child wanted to be president and has tried to do whatever it took to be president. And if you think he’s standing aside and he’s not going to do everything he can to implement as much of his agenda as he can between now and the day they kick him out of office physically or…God forbid, he passes away, he’s going to be fighting every day to savor the moment.”

“We all acted like [he] was not very interesting,” the New York Times bestselling writer mentioned. “This is a huge mistake the right has made, and I think now it’s time to talk about the truth that he is a singularly corrupt and a singularly devastating influence on American politics and American life.”

“No one has told that full story. And people just left this entire lane open for me to run through, and that’s what I did,” he famous.

“The amount of investigation and the amount of material I was able to gather dwarfs Breaking the News,” Marlow mentioned, noting that he assembled a analysis workforce that labored on a number of of Peter Schweizer’s #1 bestsellers. “And you can see it based on the 1,600 end notes that are in the book.”

The analysis concerned combing by way of numerous major supply paperwork, together with authorities paperwork, Senate committee studies, and many years previous media accounts, he defined.

“It’s incredibly time consuming, but ultimately, I think it’s rewarding,” Marlow informed Slater.

Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration is offered for preorder now and will arrive in bookstores on October 3.

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