Canadian Pastor Convicted Of Inciting Mischief In Trucker Protests Facing Up To 10 Years Prison

Authored by Allan Stein via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s troubles with the Canadian authorities started lengthy earlier than his sermon to business truckers encouraging their peaceable defiance towards what he thought have been “oppressive” public well being mandates for COVID-19.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks at a Canadian “freedom rally” in Edmonton, Alberta, on March 20, 2021, a part of a worldwide protest towards COVID-19 restrictions. (Courtesy of Artur Pawlowski)

In 2005, he started serving and ministering to downtown Calgary—Alberta’s poor and downtrodden. “In other words, feeding the homeless and praying for them, which is now illegal,” he described to The Epoch Times in a phone interview whereas below home arrest in Calgary following his court docket conviction in May for inciting mischief and violating his launch circumstances.

The police ultimately confirmed up at Mr. Pawlowski’s church, telling him he could not feed the homeless by regulation. Neither was he allowed to assemble or preach in public.

Such actions are additionally unlawful and punishable with tickets, fines, and even jail time.

Artur Pawlowski’s Street Church service gives meals for the poor at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Alberta, on March 2021. (Courtesy of Artur Pawlowski)

They even have laws on the books that distributing printed materials—Bibles and Gospel tracts—is illegal. So I got tickets for that,” Mr. Pawlowski stated.

He added that tensions with the authorities had reached the purpose the place police confirmed up at his church weekly.

During the pandemic, he obtained 40 tickets for COVID-19 violations, together with one for a Christmas celebration he stated drew a response from over 100 law enforcement officials, 52 police automobiles, in addition to anti-terrorism models.

Over 300 Citations

Between 2005 and 2015, Mr. Pawlowski stated he obtained over 300 citations for refusing to cease preaching, feeding the homeless, and doing what he thought was useful to these in want.

He was arrested and charged in 2006 for studying the Bible in public, and considers being the primary Canadian to obtain a COVID-19 ticket for feeding the homeless a badge of honor in what he’d say was righteous defiance.

“I asked them a simple question: ‘What do you think will happen to the homeless if we kick them out of shelters and shut down soup kitchens?’” he stated of his efforts.

European Union flags are displayed on the European Council headquarters in Brussels on Nov. 29, 2019. (KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP through Getty Images)

Mr. Pawlowski, pastor of the Cave of Adullam ministry and founding father of Street Church Ministries in Calgary, stated he has additionally been granted some victories within the eyes of the regulation. He received important court docket battles by Alberta’s provincial courts of enchantment.

On Aug. 9, Mr. Pawlowski, a local of Poland and an acolyte of the “Solidarity Movement,” might obtain as much as 10 years in jail for the cost of “inciting mischief” throughout Canada’s nationwide trucker protests final 12 months.

The protests rose in response to the general public well being guidelines of Canada’s Trudeau administration, sparking a large “Freedom Convoy” from like-minded residents that threatened to convey the nation’s economic system to a halt except COVID-19 restrictions that have been additionally impacting the economic system and psychological well being have been lifted.

Response to Government Overreach

As a Christian minister, Mr. Pawlowski stated he believed he was waging a religious battle towards “government overreach” through the pandemic, even when it means he has to pay fines, get arrested, or go to jail.

On Feb. 7, 2022, on the border crossing blockade in Coutts, Alberta, Mr. Pawlowski informed a crowd of economic truckers, “It’s about time for Canadians to rise up and start roaring.”


Canadian authorities arrested and charged him with inciting mischief and interfering with important infrastructure below Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defense Act of 2020.

The Critical Infrastructure Defense Act “protects essential infrastructure from damage or interference caused by blockades or similar activities, which can cause significant public safety, social, economic and environmental consequences.”

Artur Pawlowski along with his spouse, Marzena, in July 1998. (Courtesy of Artur Pawlowski)

Mr. Pawlowski stated Canadian authorities additionally accused him of selling “genocide” for referencing the Solidarity Movement contributing to the autumn of communism in Poland.

“Of course, if you listened to my service, you will know that I said no guns, no swords, just stand for God and human rights during my sermon three times,” he stated of the accusation.

Mr. Pawlowski stated he spent 50 days in jail, principally in solitary confinement surrounded by concrete cells, earlier than he was positioned in most safety and a psychiatric ward with out analysis.

The court docket discovered him responsible of inciting mischief in May. Judge Gordon Krinke positioned him below 12-hour day by day home arrest till his sentencing date.

Tony Hall, the founding father of We the People YQL takes half in a protest on March 15, 2022 in entrance of the Lethbridge courthouse the place 4 males charged with conspiracy to commit homicide on the Coutts blockade have been showing in court docket. (The Canadian Press/Bill Graveland)

“So, encouraging Canadians to stand for God and state human rights is a criminal act, a terrorism act,” stated Mr. Pawlowski, who wants particular permission to go away his home between 7 p.m. and seven a.m. “Therefore I am guilty, and all of them are guilty, according to this judge.”

Months later, he’s “still under house arrest in Calgary,” he stated.

Belief on Trial

“I am the first Canadian where my sermon and speech were on trial. Everything was about what I said. The lawyers argued what I meant. It was a charade, a show trial—a joke,” Mr. Pawlowski stated.

“I was not allowed to say a word as they debated what I said and what I meant. They couldn’t agree on the wording.”

Mr. Pawlowski stated he’s additionally the primary Canadian citizen charged with eco-terrorism within the historical past of Canada.

“And now, the judge ruled I am the first Canadian ever to be found guilty of inciting mischief and eco-terrorism,” Mr. Pawlowski stated. “The Canadian courts are upside down. I am a political prisoner. It has nothing to do with law and order,” he expressed.

An Alberta Crown Prosecution Service spokesman informed The Epoch Times in an electronic mail that the company has “no comment on this matter.”

Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers is presently representing Mr. Pawlowski within the case. She stated she “currently cannot speak to media regarding this case while the sentencing is outstanding.”

However, Ms. Miller stated she doesn’t anticipate sentencing to happen on Aug. 9. Rather, the proceedings will “set the date for sentencing.”

I hope to be able to speak publicly about this case in the future,” Ms. Miller added.

Son Expresses Cry for Help

The pastor’s son, Nathan Pawlowski, not too long ago testified within the European Parliament in regards to the “consequences of abuse of power under the guise of help” through the pandemic by the Canadian authorities.

“I am here today in desperation—a cry for help,” Nathan Pawlowski stated by videolink from Canada. “I would like to tell you all the things about freedom and democracy that I like, but I no longer know those things.

“They have been taken away from us Canadians. Canada has fallen. We not have freedom of faith, freedom of speech, or the proper to assemble, affiliate, or categorical ourselves, or have free media or disagree with the federal government.”

Nathan Pawlowski said his father could be imprisoned for up to a decade for his trucker sermon and referenced the Solidarity Movement.

This case units a precedent with all Canadians—and the world—should you permit this to occur,” he said.

He explained that his father was charged with preaching and reading the Bible publicly because the government had ruled that the Bible is “hateful and is not inclusive.”

“My father informed the truckers to face for his or her rights, Solidarity-style, and to take action peacefully.”

“If he goes down, we’re all misplaced as Canadians. If a pastor goes to jail, what can they do to the remainder of us?” the younger Pawlowski said.

‘Seen This Movie Before’

In a video recording played by his son, Mr. Pawlowski also addressed the European Parliament—as a political dissident “born behind the Iron Curtain of Poland, crushed by the iron fist of oppression” in Canada.

“Freedom is greater than a phrase—it is a measure of our humanity, braveness, and dedication. It’s a value borne by troopers, journalists, and volunteers,” he said.

Mr. Pawlowski told The Epoch Times he had received offers of money and government positions in exchange for his silence, but he’s “not on the market.”

“I’ve seen this film earlier than” under communism in Poland, he said. “It doesn’t finish effectively.”


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