Elon Musk Reveals “Extremely Powerful” ADL CEO Sought To Shake Him Down For Donations

Update: The ADL is now fundraising off this scandal and telling donors they’re beneath risk as a consequence of Musk’s criticisms!

DailyWire’s Ben Shapiro summed issues up succinctly:

“Elon Musk is now at war with the Anti-Defamation League, a progressive interest group that proclaims it is speaking in the name of Jewish causes. And like a lot of these progressive interest groups, they are interested in removing advertising revenue from sources where they can’t control the speech.

Musk posted on X saying the ADL has been trying to kill his platform by falsely accusing him of being anti-semitic, and that If this continues, he’ll have no choice but to file a defamation suit against, ironically, the Anti Defamation League.

Elon Musk happens to be correct about all of that, which is why it’s very important that if you’re an advertiser and you are looking at platforms to advertise on, you probably should be looking at free speech platforms like X – otherwise X will revert back to type and it’s going to do the same kind of crap that Facebook and YouTube have done in censoring material.”

Musk agreed:

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As InformationLiberation.com’s Chris Menahan detailed earlier, Twitter/X proprietor Elon Musk revealed on Wednesday that Jonathan Greenblatt, the “extremely powerful” CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, sought to shake him down for donations just like he did to Adidas, the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving.

“Andrew Ross Sorkin asks Jonathan Greenblatt if he was seeking to have a role at X or shaking @elonmusk down for donations to the ADL (like he did to Adidas and the Brooklyn Nets) and he responds by saying that’s an ‘anti-Semitic trope,’ ” Greg Price tweeted together with a clip of Greenblatt’s newest look on CNBC.

“Because the answer is ‘Yes!’ regarding seeking donations, hence JG’s refusal to answer the question,” Musk responded. “JG instead went on the attack, implying that Sorkin, despite being Jewish, is somehow an anti-Semite just for asking a basic conflict-of-interest question!”

“I love how ADL overlord Jonathan Greenblatt says the ADL is just a little ‘nonprofit in New York’ with no power as if they didn’t lead a pressure campaign that squeezed $60 billion from Meta’s market cap for not complying with their demands,” Ashley St. Clair commented in response to Greenblatt’s CNBC look. “ADL has been operating mafia-style for ideological compliance for decades!”

“Exactly!” Musk mentioned. “The ADL is extremely powerful in the west, as demonstrated by our massive drop in US advertising, while Asia advertising has actually grown slightly.”

Musk additionally mentioned it was “bizarre” how Marc Lamont Hill, who was “canceled” by the ADL and misplaced his job at CNN for criticizing Israel, is now defending them and portray Musk’s criticism of the overseas foyer group as “dangerous, dishonest,” “deeply antisemitic” and alluring of “violence from his Nazi base.”

“Jonathan at ADL kicked off a massive Twitter boycott campaign less than a week after the acquisition closed,” Musk mentioned in one other put up.

“Literally nothing had changed about the site. Our US revenue is still 60% down from that campaign, but slowly improving.”

Musk additionally questioned why the ADL is coaching FBI brokers.

“Why does the FBI need training that holocausts are terrible?” Musk requested.

The ADL additionally trains native regulation enforcement all through America, educating them the same tripe they teach schoolchildren about the many evils of “whiteness.”

Rather than cower within the face of the ADL’s threats, Musk engaged with Keith Woods and questioned why so many Jews have turned in opposition to free speech.

After Woods exposed alleged Israeli intelligence agent Vivian Bercovici attempting to affect the #BanTheADL marketing campaign on a preferred Twitter Space, her Wikipedia was edited to attempt to conceal her connections to the Israeli intel agency Black Cube.

Musk has shared a number of posts claiming the ADL strayed from it is authentic noble mission however the fact is that they’ve all the time been horrible.

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