Futureverse Studios debuts trailer for Readyverse battle royale game ‘Open’

Futurverse Studios and Readyverse, the metaverse co-founded by Ready Player One author Ernest Cline and producer Dan Farah, launched the first official trailer for “Open,” a third-person battle royale video game. 

The new game was developed in concert with Walker Labs, creators of 2022’s open-world shooter “Walker World.” It’s the first major gaming title developed for Cline’s Readyverse. According to the game’s website, it’ll feature multiple genres, IPs, and environments:

“Open, the hero experience in the Readyverse, is the first genre-defining AAA metaverse gaming experience, integrating top-tier ip through web3 tech. The multi-biome, multi-IP, multi-mode gaming experience allows for interoperability with beloved ip in a range of different formats, from simple skins to full immersive experiences.”

As Cointelegraph reported in January 2024, Readyverse will not only bring iconic assets, environments, and gameplay from the Ready Player One fiction franchise, it’ll also tap into Warner Bros.’ IPs as well.

This is evidenced in the newly launched trailer. Despite being only 60 seconds long, astute viewers will notice a Nintendo Entertainment System, an Atari 2600, A DMC Delorean apparently kitted out as the time machine from “Back to The Future,” and a giant robot that could be related to the Ready Player One world, though it doesn’t appear to be the Iron Giant or Gundam from the film. It’s also possible the robot could be Jaeger from Warner Bros.’ “Pacific Rim” film series.

There was also an ornate bronze-colored key and a stuffed frog in the background in the video’s beginning and ending, respectively, but we didn’t immediately recognize them.

While no gameplay has been shown yet, Open was announced as a third-person battle royale. This implies it’ll have functionality similar to other popular shooters, with “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Fortnite” being the closest popular examples.

The Readyverse will reportedly “champion the principles of the open metaverse.” According to previous statements, this includes security, decentralization, and digital ownership. This could indicate that players will be able to move characters and gaming assets from one environment to another, with non-fungible token-like (NFT-like) metamarket activity possible.

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