GOP a ‘Political Dumpster Fire’ Trying to ‘Regulating Drag Shows’

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republicans are at the moment a “political dumpster fire” attempting to do issues voters don’t assume is necessary.

Murphy stated, “I don’t think anybody can predict what happens in the House of Representatives. That place is a political dumpster fire until we get reasonable, thoughtful leadership that prioritizes bipartisan cooperation in the House. Every single day is going to be a bit of a nightmare for the American people.”

Anchor Kristen Welker stated, “Let’s talk about what happened this week and mixed results. On the one hand, Democrats had election night on Tuesday. There were a slate of troubling poll numbers for President Biden, which showed him trailing former President Trump in key battleground states. One Democrat described that to me as a five-alarm fire. Are you alarmed about President Biden’s re-election?”

Murphy stated, “I actually am not because I don’t see those as mixed results. We don’t choose a president based upon public polling a year out. Over and over, when voters turn out in elections, they are choosing Democrats. Why? We’re talking about things that matter to people. How much money are they making? How much are they paying? Republicans are focused on things that don’t matter, regulating drag shows and trying to give guns back to criminals. These are things that fundamentally are completely divorced from where the American public are. So, I don’t think these polls necessarily predict what the election a year from now is going to be. I actually think when voters turn out to the polls, that’s the sign of how strong the Democratic brand and President Biden’s brand is today.”

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