Grass Roots Need a Voice

Georgia is “ground zero” for saving the country, and grassroots conservatives need a voice,  Georgia Republican National Committee candidate Amy Kremer said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, promising to give them one if elected.

“I think we need strong leadership and we need courage,” Kremer began, explaining that while Georgia is a red state completely controlled by Republicans, the GOP “can’t get anything done.”

“I mean — and I think the prime example of that is Brad Raffensperger and all his indiscretions and the lawlessness coming out of that office and — you can’t even get the legislature to hold Raffensperger accountable or secure machines, and that is inexcusable,” she said, explaining that she is not trying to tear down the Georgia GOP but aims to make it “stronger.”

“I think we need a stronger state party, and part of that is, you know, putting the pressure on the legislature and using the pressure for other grass roots to accomplish some of these objectives,” she said, pointing out issues with current leadership.

She explained that the national committeewoman and committeeman in Georgia have a seat on the executive committee of the Georgia GOP, representing the RNC. They also have a vote on the executive committee of the Georgia GOP. She used a recent example to show that her opponent is dropping the ball, noting that she opted to video a fashion show at her boutique instead of attending an emergency meeting.

“She’s not serious. And when you look at what has happened over the past eight years during her term … what’s happened is not acceptable,” she said, explaining that Republicans have lost 15 House seats in the Georgia House and five state Senate seats. Further, she said, Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District flipped blue.


“And so that is not acceptable,” Kremer said, noting that her opponent has also failed to show any interest in securing the integrity of the Peach State’s elections. And when Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis started what Kremer described as “her witch hunt here,” neither national Republican leadership — former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel — nor Georgia Republican leadership showed up.

“That’s why I put my hat in the ring. I’ve been recruited to do this for a number of months and finally pulled the trigger right before the filing deadline or the qualifying deadline. And so here I am, and I am determined to make Georgia, you know, to have some accountability here in Georgia and to start winning races again,” she said, adding, “While she’s [Kremer’s opponent] focused on party planning in Milwaukee, I want to — my focus is securing  elections … and winning again.”

“That is my complete and total focus. That’s all that matters. I don’t care about the party. If we’re not winning, it does not matter, and we are at the precipice. We’re in an inflection point and we have to save this country. And Georgia is ground zero,” she said, promising she would give grassroots conservatives a voice.

“On the RNC level, we’ve started to see a change, you know, with many grassroots leaders starting to rise up to the top and run for national committeeman and woman, and they’re winning. And so, you know, Matt, like you said, we’ve been in the fight for a long time. We have never had a seat at the table at the RNC,” she said, later adding that she believes the party “cannot survive without the grass roots.”

“I want to be part of that change that is happening at the RNC. I want to make sure that things are being done to secure our elections and — and to, you know, to represent the grassroots here on the Georgia level again,” she said, noting that she has pledged to have a town hall before every RNC meeting “so that I can be their voice, take their concerns with me, and then follow up with them afterwards to let them know exactly what has happened there and what has transpired.”

“The RNC does not need to be disconnected from the base in any state, and so I plan to do that,” she said, also calling for transparent votes when voting for the chairwoman or man for the RNC.

“We have a constituency back here in our states, and I believe that they deserve to know how we’re voting, and I pledged to do that,” she continued, calling for more training for activists to run for office as well, especially women.

Breitbart News Saturday airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

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