‘Have a Plan of Action’

After the horrific Hamas terror assault on Israel on Oct. 7 and contemplating the porous U.S. border underneath the Biden administration, Americans should “have a plan of action,” in case terrorists strike domestically, stated Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL, former FBI agent, and creator of Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival.

“Awareness is the key, but also, you have to forward think [about] these things long before something occurs, right? You can’t wait until you get into something to try to figure out how you’re going to get out of it,” Gilliam stated throughout an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, providing recommendation on tips on how to put together for the likelihood of a terror assault in on a regular basis life.

“You have to think like an attacker in order to understand who, why, when, where, and how you could be attacked,” he added. “And that’s really the only way that you can truly make sure that you won’t get caught up in something.”


Gilliam suggested Americans to take stock of the “different sectors” of their lives, like their house, their morning commute, their office, their church, and so forth., and have a look at them from an “attacker’s point of view” to evaluate for vulnerabilities.

“Because [attackers are] looking for a big, big bang for their buck,” he stated. [For example] it’s a celebration: there needs to be folks there — that’s a vulnerability. Church: they don’t lock the entrance doorways — that’s a vulnerability.”

“You have to think like the attacker, and then you use that — you reverse engineer it. It’s very simple,” he stated. “And that’s what people should start to think today: become warriors in your mind.”

“I’ll give you [an] example. Ariana Grande in Manchester several years ago … I was there this last year. I went to the same place where [the attack happened], stood in the same place where a guy blew himself apart. Had you gone to that concert and determined that [the exits] are a likely place for somebody to detonate a bomb, and said, ‘well, I’m going to … leave ten minutes early’ … you would have lived,” he stated. “But if you got up with everybody else and flowed out the way they did, then you had a chance of getting hit.”

Gilliam stated that between lots of of 1000’s of unknown migrants pouring throughout the border from 160-plus nations, together with terror suspects, and the truth that many individuals are “a lot less aware at special events and in their daily lives,” there’s a stronger probability of one other terrorist assault or assaults within the United States.

“So when you combine those two things, what you see is what happened in Israel is totally possible of happening in here,” he stated.

“If they can do five attacks simultaneously in different cities, our federal government is going to be stretched to the point where they may have to bring in the military because they won’t be able to handle it over a period of time,” he added. “So we have to realize that … this nation is in a very bad place, and the likelihood of something happening is far greater than it was September 10, 2001.”

“This world is a very strange world now. It’s getting more strange all the time. You have people celebrating and giving money and support to the same ideology that took down the Twin Towers, crashed a plane in Pennsylvania, crashed a plane into the Pentagon. It’s the same ideology — it’s fundamental Islam,” he continued. “Those people are useful idiots. But the other people that walk around right now, in this day and age, are walking around and not realizing the danger that we’re in when something occurs — and I can almost guarantee you it’s going to occur.”

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