Hillary Is Different from Trump Because She Didn’t Possess Classified Material on Nukes or Allies

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Washington Post Associate Editor and MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart said that former President Donald Trump’s dealing with of categorised info is receiving completely different remedy from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s possession of categorised materials as a result of Trump had paperwork “about nuclear secrets, preparedness of America’s allies.” But “a lot of” Clinton’s emails “had to do with cooking recipes and appointments.”

After Washington Post contributing columnist Gary Abernathy introduced up the Hillary Clinton case, Capehart mentioned, “Donald Trump is being treated differently because he had classified documents that were about nuclear secrets, preparedness of America’s allies. … And what we’re discovering now is that he has done all of the things he has accused Hillary Clinton of doing, actually done. The emails that they found on Secretary Clinton’s server, a lot of them had to do with cooking recipes and appointments. None had to do with nuclear secrets and secrets about our allies. And you just can’t — there’s no parallel. There is no symmetry. There is no similarity at all.”

Abernathy then reduce in to counter, “Well, actually, Director Comey pointed out that a lot of her things that they found on her server were classified and probably were accessed by foreign agents. I mean, this is something they said probably happened. So, we don’t know if they were nuclear secrets. Of course, we don’t know about all of the ones that were deleted before anyone ever got to see them.”

Capehart responded, “If they were nuclear secrets, Gary, we would have known. Trump’s DOJ? Come on.”

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