How to Prepare for a Power Outage Before it Happens

When the weather is a bit rough outside, a power outage could happen. In this case of an emergency, you must prepare for it. You would not want it to be too late before you realize you were not able to do something about it. Besides, you can barely do anything when the power goes out. You can only blame yourself for that. That is where we come in as we would love to enlighten you regarding how to prepare for a power outage before it happens:

Stock Up on Ready to Eat Food

No power means no way to cook food so better stock up on stuff that is ready to eat. You should not even have to heat those things in order to eat them. You can buy online so you don’t need to go to the nearest grocery store. It is evident food is one of those essentials you can’t really miss. When the storm is really bad, you can be without food for days so it would be wise to stock up on a lot of them. After all, you can never really know when things would go back to normal. You would actually benefit from this when you don’t have to fry these things before everything is said and done since fried food actually has lots of cholesterol.

Buy a Portable Generator

It would be time to know that you would need electricity somewhere down the line especially if you are used to leaving the air con on when you sleep. As a result, you should try and do things your way and buy a portable generator. It is no secret you were used to bringing this for camping trips. Now, you would need it at your place. You should make sure it is fully charged and save it for important times. You never really know when you would run out of battery so take note of the amount it is in. Be sure to store the portable generator at a place that would no doubt let you remember where it is. Of course, be sure to regularly clean the generator because you never know when you would need to use it. Even if there are no camping trips insight, that does not mean you can just throw it away in a tool shed. If that happens, you may not be able to locate it when you need it the most.

Stay in One Place

When the power goes out, you will have a hard time finding each other. Thus, this would not be the right time to be in different places. You should all stay together in one place until the power goes back on. While waiting, you can let time pass by telling lots of interesting stories to one another. Before you know it, dozens of hours have already passed by. If ever someone needs to go somewhere then that person needs to bring a flashlight. We can’t avoid circumstances when you would need to go to the bathroom in order to pee or poop. If ever people separate then you can have one meeting place so that nobody strays a bit too far from you. Besides, sitting down the entire time can be a bit unhealthy. It would be better to walk around for a bit and stretch yourself so that you can burn a few calories no matter how small that can be.

Prepare Activities

It would be normal to fight boredom during a power outage. When that happens, you should know what to do. Thus, better to bring out those board games from the shelves since you can’t really rely on the games on your phone. It would be alright to bring out books that you can read during the daytime since you can’t do that during nighttime or else you will ruin your eyes. Playing games such as Scrabble or even Snakes & Ladders with the rest of your family would make for some unforgettable moments. Believe it or not, you’re going to remember those moments a few years from now and you can acknowledge the fact that you were able to do something useful during those times when nobody thought you can.

Fully Charge Your Phones

You will always need your phone to call for help or other emergencies. As a result, better make sure those things are fully charged. It is evident you would need these things at a certain point and time. Also, now is not the time to surf the web and play games on your phone because those things would bring down your battery a lot. You should switch off the WiFi and close the programs that you are not really using. Now is the time to save your battery because you can never really know when you can charge your smartphone again as it may be a while. It would be one of those times when you would actually benefit from having not one but two smartphones with you. One can certainly be used to call other people and get some news regarding what the latest is.

Now that you know how to prepare for a power outage before it happens, it would be time to avoid being selfish. After all, the other people in your community are trying to brace themselves for pretty much the same thing. As a result, hoarding food and medicine won’t be such a good idea. You should just get the right amount for yourself and the entire family. It would be one of those times when you will need to prepare for the worst as these things will keep on coming back at you. Besides, these natural disasters eventually happen so all you can do is hope for the best. You can actually use some of your remaining battery to call for the local electrical contractors so that they can come and fix the problem. It is indeed possible they don’t know about the power outage yet so better inform them before it is too late.

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