“I Don’t Believe In Cancel Culture” – ADL CEO Fumes At Suggestion He Was ‘Shaking Down’ Musk For Money

The Musk vs ADL (and the censorship industrial advanced) battle escalated additional this morning with the X/Twitter proprietor highlighting a brand new article from Newsweek saying that “ADL Has Lost Its Way”:

“The ADL taught me that nastygrams from Jew haters were just the price we pay for liberty, worthy of being filed and forgotten,” writes Ron Coleman within the op-ed.

“This just isn’t Weimar Germany; it’s America. We have a First Amendment, we’ve civil rights, we’ve a working democracy.

That is a part of the nice we’ve completed.

“But” Coleman explains, “the ADL not believes this…”

“It has turn out to be a part of an amazing on-line censorship machine that’s being uncovered day after day as an anti-free speech enterprise.”

The following clip suggests just that…

As Coleman concludes:

“The ADL’s efforts to censor Twitter confirms what we have known for years: Not only is today’s ADL not doing the world some good. It is doing something much worse. How much longer will we be allowed to say so?”

Greenblatt then appeared on CNBC this morning to answer Musk’s threats. 

He bought his preliminary speaking factors in with out a lot push again from the anchors:

  • rising anti-semitism in every single place,

  • Musk permitting “hardened anti-semites” again on the platform,

  • Greenblatt appeared to stroll again his views on free-speech (“hate speech is the price of free speech”),

  • and stated that he did not assume Musk was anti-semitic or Twitter as a platform was anti-semitic,

  • however ended by framing the sufferer narrative: “let’s be clear here, this is the wealthiest man in the world running one of the most powerful media platforms on the planet… and we’re a non-profit, here in New York, so I think figuring out who has the power in this relationship… is pretty clear to me.”

But then issues turned just a bit extra contemptuous as Andrew Ross Sorkin dropped a bombshell and requested the ADL CEO:

“Were you seeking to have some kind of either role at Twitter or any kind of donations made or other things?”

“No…” Greenblatt exclaimed.

“I only say that because there have been folks who’ve looked at these situations and felt they were being shaken down,” Sorkin said.

To which Greenblatt immediately played a ‘card’:

“Look, I feel, let me be sincere about that. I feel it’s [a] type of anti-Semitic trope to recommend when Jewish folks specific a level of concern over antisemitism, that someway that is a shakedown as a result of Jews are grasping. That sounds to me… I’m not saying you consider that…”

Sorkin swiftly interrupted to defend himself…

“I’m Jewish, so I’m not even attempting to…” Sorkin said. 

“I’m simply saying that that often you hear the critique amongst not-for-income in sure instances which might be concerned in sure causes that discuss to firms and also you hear it from leaders who say, ‘I really feel like…'”

Greenblatt then dropped the biggest load of bullshit yet:

“I hear that, but my view on all of this, we talked about this before on the show… I don’t believe in cancel culture, I believe in counsel culture… What we’ve tried to do over the years with Twitter, with YouTube, with Facebook and all of its platforms, with Reddit, with Discord, I can go on and on, is to work with them, to make those platforms better,” Greenblatt said.

“Better” by who’s defintion? “Better” by having voices silenced that do not fit the establishment narrative (and that have nothing at all to do with anti-semitism)?

“I’m trying to understand what led to this – whatever is happening here. That was why I asked that question,” Sorkin asked.

“Well, I think Elon’s a complicated person, I can’t explain what prompted those tweets,” Greenblatt said, adding that “Jewish people are vulnerable” and that Twitter should not be “amplifying or intensifying anti-Jewish hate.”

Watch the full interview below:

Michael Shellenberger was quick to point out the ADL CEO’s propaganda…

And right here is @MarioNawful debunking a few of Greenblatt’s lies:

1) He claimed that Elon introduced and amplified anti-semitism and hate speech again to the platform.

This is NOT TRUE. The 𝕏 Safety group shared that an impartial evaluation by Sprinklr discovered that hate speech impressions on 𝕏 “to be 0.003% compared to Twitter’s estimate of 0.012%.”

2) Greenblatt claimed ADL is NOT publicly or privately speaking to advertisers.

BUT shortly after, stated, “It is true we did call for a pause back in November, after the acquisition and since then” and in a earlier interview he said “if it remains a hellscape the advertisers won’t take part in [Twitter]”

3) Greenblatt stated the ADL is a SMALL non-revenue in NY.

NOT TRUE. The ADL is an influential group with over 100 years of historical past, and in accordance with the ADL’s 2021 tax filings, the group’s complete income was $101 million with a stability sheet of $238 million.

They ALSO acquired thousands and thousands of {dollars} of oblique authorities funding by way of grants to teams through which the ADL has particular pursuits.

4) Greenblatt says the ADL works WITH different social media platforms, together with Facebook.

We noticed within the Politico article that Elon Musk posted that the ADL not directly CONTROLS what may be posted on Facebook.  

Doesn’t seem to be the assembly with X CEO Linda Yaccarino went in addition to Greenblatt is making it out to be.

As InformationLiberation.com’s Chris Menahan detailed earlier, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Tuesday responded to Twitter/X owner Elon Musk’s criticism of their aggressive pro-censorship ad boycott campaigns by accusing him of “engaging with a highly toxic antisemitic campaign” which can incite violence in opposition to Jewish folks.

From Haaretz, “ADL Hits Back at Elon Musk for Engaging With ‘Highly Toxic Antisemitic Campaign’ “:

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt on Tuesday issued his first public feedback after an antisemitic social media marketing campaign spearheaded by X chairman Elon Musk focused his group.

“It is profoundly disturbing that Elon Musk spent the weekend engaging with a highly toxic antisemitic campaign on his platform – a campaign started by an unrepentant bigot that then was heavily promoted by individuals such as white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Christian nationalist Andrew Torba, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and others,” Greenblatt stated.

Musk had defended himself in opposition to allegations of antisemitism, all whereas he and several other of his outstanding far-proper supporters accused the ADL of fomenting antisemitism in an act of specific sufferer-blaming. Musk additional threatened to take authorized motion in opposition to the Jewish anti-discrimination group, accusing it of being behind the corporate’s $22 billion drop in worth after advertisers fled en masse over the proliferation of hate speech on the platform following his takeover.

Greenblatt famous that the marketing campaign “manifested in the real world when masked men marched in Florida on Saturday brazenly waving flags adorned with swastikas and chanting ‘Ban the ADL.’ “

“But to be clear, the real issue is neither ADL nor the threat of a frivolous lawsuit. This urgent matter is the safety of the Jewish people in the face of increasing, intensifying antisemitism,” he continued.

The ADL CEO charged Musk with partaking with and elevating these antisemites at a time of unprecedented spikes in antisemitism concentrating on Jewish establishments and personal residential communities.

“And so, this behavior is not just alarming nor reckless. It is flat out dangerous and deeply irresponsible. We need responsible leaders to lead, to stop inflaming hatred and to step back from the brink before it’s too late,” Greenblatt added.

Musk can in all probability add this inflammatory rhetoric to his lawsuit in opposition to the ADL.

Without a doubt, the time when probably the most “unprecedented spikes in antisemitism targeting Jewish institutions” occurred was in 2017 after Trump’s election when over 245 bomb threats were called into Jewish community centers throughout America.

The ADL used the threats to harangue President Trump for “emboldening anti-Semites” and laws was handed because of lobbying from the ADL to extend funding and safety grants to Jewish teams.

It turned out practically the entire JCC bomb threats have been carried out by “18 year old” Israeli-American Michael Ron David Kadar, who was discovered to have a bitcoin wallet worth millions of shekels (a couple of copycat threats have been known as in by African-American Juan Thompson).

Zero images of Kadar’s face have been ever launched.

Kadar was found guilty in Israel in June 2018 for the bomb threats and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

In 2019, evidence was dug up by geneticist Franklin Stahl, Ph.D., a member of the National Academy of Science, suggesting that Kadar’s Israeli mom, Dr. Tamar Kadar, who’s a chemical weapons researcher on the Mossad-operated Israeli Institute for Biological Research, might have been the true perpetrator behind the calls.

Stahl reported that Kadar, who proof signifies was really 27 years previous and never 18 years previous on the time of his arrest, was nothing greater than a fall man.

Additionally, Kadar seems to have been free of jail by Israel and allowed to journey again to America solely to be arrested and jailed on a weapons charge in Illinois.

Kadar’s story utterly fell off the map shortly after it was uncritically reported in 2017 and the ADL refused to take away his hoax calls from their list of “anti-Semitic incidents” for 2017.

The ADL by no means apologized to Trump or his supporters for smearing them for supposedly inciting these (hoax) bomb threats and by no means provided to offer again the cash they bought from Congress attributable to hyping the threats.

“The new information does not change our view that the bomb threats against Jewish institutions were anti-Semitic and harmful to the communities targeted,” the ADL stated in a press release after Kadar’s arrest.

“No matter who placed the calls or why the calls were placed, the outcome was the same: they instilled fear and disrupted communities across the country.”

This battle – between Musk and the activist censors – is much from over.


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