‘I Have Seen Personal Communications’ of You Blaming McCarthy for Your Ethics Investigation

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” anchor Jake Tapper advised Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) that he had seen private communications the place Gaetz blamed Speaker Kevin McCarty (R-CA) for his ethics investigation.

Anchor Jake Tapper mentioned, “There are a lot of House Republicans that think that there is this personal animus between you and Speaker McCarthy. I have to ask you, how much do you blame Speaker McCarthy for the fact that you are under investigation by the House ethics committee? How much is that part of what’s going on here?”

Gaetz mentioned, “Not at all, Jake. I am the most investigated man in the United States Congress. I’ve been cleared by the DOJ by a 5-0 vote, and the people who spread criminal lies about me are sitting in federal prison right now.”

Tapper mentioned, “But I have seen personal communications between you and other people in which you blame McCarthy for your ethics investigation.”

Gaetz mentioned, “When Kevin McCarthy went out publicly and said, this isn’t about me breaking my word, it’s because Gaetz has ethics problems; certainly, that was him gaslighting the ethics committee.”

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