Ice Cube Takes Tucker Carlson on a Tour Showing Him How Politicians Failed Black Americans

World-famous rapper and Hollywood actor Ice Cube, who has taken a appreciable anti-establishment flip in current days, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s present on Twitter the place he mentioned how politicians failed black Americans amongst a entire vary of points.

The episode featured the “Straight Outta Compton” singer using in a automotive with Tucker Carlson via his childhood neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles – the neighborhood the place he met Dr. Dre and shaped the well-known rap group N.W.A. When requested if politicians have performed something to assist the black Americans who stay in his metropolis regardless of the billions of {dollars} spent, the rapper in the end mentioned that nothing has modified and that he doesn’t belief politicians.

“How do you think politicians in Los Angeles have done running this city?” requested Tucker.

“It’s pretty much the same people running it the same way. Politicians only pay attention to the people that give them money. Everybody else is kind of an extra in their movie,” responded Ice Cube.

Ice Cube mentioned that he by no means provides cash to politicians as a result of he doesn’t belief them.

“I don’t believe in politicians,” he mentioned. “Politicians have hidden agendas. They owe a lot of people, a lot of favors. The more money you give them, the more you’re listened to.”

Ice Cube admitted that he did really feel hope upon the election of former President Barack Obama after a long time of no progress beneath Democrat and Republican presidents, however he now understands that the change he had hoped for didn’t come.

“Not much changed for the people I know, people I care about,” he mentioned.

Later, the dialogue segued into Ice Cube’s refusal to get the coronavirus vaccine to the purpose of even turning down a $9 million payday on a movie. He in the end lamented about how the media portrayed him as an anti-vaxxer although he truly by no means publicly advocated in opposition to the vaccine and by no means advised his followers to refuse the vaccine.

As Breitbart News reported, Ice Cube turned an enemy of political and Hollywood institutions when he introduced his “Fuck the Gatekeepers” tour final month.

“Some of you may not have realized that I’m not part of ‘The Club,’” the rapper mentioned. “And a lot of you listening to me right now, you’re not part of ‘The Club’ either. And what I’ve realized with ‘The Club’ is what makes them so mad is when you don’t wanna be a part of their fucking club. That pisses them off. ”

“What club am I talking about? I’m talking about the club of gatekeepers that we all got to deal with. You know who they are and they definitely know who they are,” he added.

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