Jewish Families ‘Targeted’ by Pro-Palestine Mob While Leaving Synagogue

A mob of so-called pro-Palestinian protesters swarmed a Synagogue in London amid an anti-Israel demonstration on Armistice Day on Saturday as Jewish households reportedly sought police escorts to assist them flee to security.

Footage posted on social media on Saturday confirmed the synagogue on Abbey Road in St John’s Wood, north-west London beset by teams of males waving Palestinian flags, inexperienced smoke flairs and shouting as automobiles fled from the Jewish place of worship.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said on social media that it had acquired “multiple reports” of Jewish households being “targeted” by anti-Israel activists throughout Saturday’s demonstration.

“Naturally, the Jewish community is terrified. We are aware of Jewish families being targeted on their way out of synagogue and have received multiple reports of police having to escort congregants away in groups for their own safety,” a spokesman for the charity stated.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism went on to say: “The placards today bore slogans and imagery that would not have looked out of place in Nazi Germany.”

A spokesman for Jewish safety charity Community Security Trust told The Telegraph: “Yet again a protest – attended by many people claiming to be anti-racist – contained many examples of Jew-haters with their homemade placards, obsessing about Nazism, the Holocaust; and with the old accusations of Jews or Zionist controlling politicians and the media.”

“We still have Holocaust survivors living here in London. How much longer will they, and many others in our Jewish community, have to stand by in our own city with this anti-Semitism on display week in, week out?”
The Metropolitan Police have said that they’re investigating the incident on the synagogue and are trying to find the automobiles of the individuals concerned.

The protest on Saturday, which many objected to for being held on the identical day that Britain honours its struggle heroes, featured many racist and antisemitic indicators together with evaluating the battle within the Gaza Strip to the Holocaust of Jews throughout World War II.

Others in contrast Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler in addition to the Jewish state being represented as a snake coiled all over the world, evoking a typical antisemitic trope of Jewish management.

Meanwhile, footage posted by Rebel Media confirmed a protester saying of Israel: “Hitler knew how to deal with these people”.

Commenting on the protest, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Almost 80 years after the tip of the Second World War it’s surprising to listen to nakedly anti-Semitic chants on the streets of London as we speak.

“There are individuals who plainly need to ignore the Hamas bloodbath of October 7. They need to wipe Israel off the map. That is what they have been chanting for as we speak. They should not and won’t succeed.

“I thank the police for all their efforts to keep people safe – but we must all do more, because an ancient hatred is rising again in Europe. It must be stamped out.”

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