Migrant Says ‘American Dream Doesn’t Exist Anymore’

Many migrants who make it to the U.S. border have determined to show again and return to their residence nations after discovering how poor situations are for migrants within the United States.

Michael Castejon, a 39-year-old from Venezuela, informed The Chicago Tribune that he and his household, together with his spouse and teenage stepdaughter, have change into fed up after spending 5 months sleeping both in a Chicago police precinct or a metropolis shelter, unable to acquire a piece allow or to enroll his stepdaughter in an area faculty, two of the primary causes his household got here to this nation.

“The American dream doesn’t exist anymore,” Castejon informed the Tribune as his household ready to depart.

“There’s nothing here for us … we just want to be home,” Castejon mentioned. “We didn’t know things would be this hard. I thought the process was faster.”

Castejon informed the Tribune that his struggles to safe a job made him really feel powerless to offer for his household, and he mentioned that he turned to the Catholic Charities of Chicago for assist getting him and his household again to Venezuela by way of Texas.

The group has helped many immigrant households return to their residence nations after they’ve change into disillusioned with life within the United States.

“How many more months of living in the streets will it take?” Castejon requested. “No, no more. It’s better that I leave. At least I have my mother back home.”

He added, “We just want to be home,” regardless of the authoritarian regime ruling over Venezuela.

“If we’re going to be sleeping in the streets here, we’d rather be sleeping in the streets over there,” Castejon mentioned.

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