RFK Jr. Says He May Have Been Denied Secret Service Protection After Criticising Open Border

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior has charged that he could have been denied a Secret Service safety by Alejandro Mayorkas, the Head of the Department of Homeland Security, following public criticism of extensive open borders.

Kennedy made the assertion in an interview with Jimmy Dore, noting “It may explain why Mayorkas doesn’t want to give me Secret Service, because I was very critical.”

“It’s political pettiness,” Kennedy continued, asserting that it’s “distressing that there are people in public office doing that. I was very outspoken criticizing Mr. Mayorkas for that decision and I don’t know if that contributed to his decision not to give me Secret Service protection.”

“I have no idea but it occurred to me,” he clarified.

While Kennedy continues to make the assertion, others have identified that there will not be a precedent to nominate a safety to him this far out from the election.

During the interview, Kennedy additional famous “The Border Patrol is utterly demoralized. We met with Border Patrol … and they said ‘You know, we’re not defending the border anymore, we’re just processing people who are walking across and coming in.’”

He continued, “The cartels are now running everything at the border … you pay either $10,000 or $15,000 to the cartels. They fly from countries all over the world … Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, a lot of them from China, Nepal, Tibet, and a lot from countries in West Africa … it’s people from everywhere.”

Kennedy has vowed to drastically scale back unlawful immigration, stressing that “no nation can survive unless it controls its borders.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post is reporting that unlawful immigration jumped 30 % in July, noting “U.S. agents made more than 130,000 arrests along the Mexico border last month, preliminary figures show, up from 99,545 in June.”

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