‘So Much More to Do’ on Gun Laws — Not Protecting Our Own People

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) stated Thursday on CNNs “This Morning” that the United States wanted to do “so much more” on gun legal guidelines as a result of “we are not protecting our own people.”

When requested concerning the mass capturing in Maine, Coons stated, “President Biden signed into law year the biggest progress we’ve made forward on closing loopholes in the gun background checks system and investing tens of billions of dollars more into community mental health.”

He continued, “We have a country divided in terms of our understanding on the limits of gun rights. It was one of President Biden’s big accomplishments along with a bipartisan group here in the Senate last year that we move forward on closing background check loopholes and improving gun safety but there is so much more to do.”

Coons added, “No other advanced industrialized country has this challenge where day after day after day there are mass shootings all over our country. All of us should reflect on our willingness to commit ourselves to the safety of our children, our schools, communities. If you can’t go to a bowling alley, movie theatre, synagogue or church without having to worry about an armed assault then frankly we are not protecting our own people in the ways we should.”

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