Southern Border Chaos ‘Just Another Example’ of Biden’s Weakness

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) mentioned on this week’s broadcast on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that President Joe Biden’s weak point on the Southern border was inflicting “chaos.”

Youngkin mentioned, “The chaos that were seen at the Southern border is another example of the weakness from Joe Biden. We see weakness in foreign policy now we have international chaos, weakness at the border and we have drug chaos, national security chaos, humanitarian chaos. We see weakness in our economy because he does not understand that we have to fiscal responsibility and aggressive energy policy that preserves our advantage as the domestic full supplier of everything that we need. This is working against America in all aspects.”

He continued, “Joe Biden’s weakness when it comes to foreign policy is creating chaos around the world. It is  his weakness in dealing with China that has enabled China to feel very confident about the economic coercion, military aggression, their extensive surveillance and on top of that trying to embed Chinese nationals in America so they can advance their agenda.”

He added, “This is why we work so hard in order to ban TikTok on state devices to pass legislation that forbids the Communist Party of China from acquiring land in Virginia. It is Virginia we have the largest naval base in the world.”

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