‘The Trump Brand Just Doesn’t Work’

Governor Chris Sununu (D-NH) mentioned Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former President Donald Trump’s model was unfavorable and “doesn’t work.”

Anchor Chuck Todd mentioned, “This political environment, you know, I’ve looked at these special elections this year, there’s been other analysis, Democrats are over performing everywhere. You’ve seen it in your own state, where Democrats won special election that normally Republicans win. Is this due to abortion? Is this due to Trump? What do you think it’s about?”

Sununu mentioned, “It’s about the former president more than anything. And I can tell you I’ve had school board members, Republican school board members that have lost their seats because they felt like they had to constantly answer for being a Trump Republican and all of that.”

He continued, “It’s a negative brand. It puts a lot of hesitation. So it isn’t just the federal seats, it’s the governorships, the school boards, the congressional seats, all of them, especially in a place like New Hampshire where, you know, we can kind of go back and forth, we’re very independent minded. The Trump brand just doesn’t work. It really doesn’t.”

Sununu added, “So to clear that off the table once and for all is a huge opportunity for Republicans to get back elected officials where the policy matters most, at the local level.”

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