Trump Has to Be ‘Held Accountable’ for Making Fauci the Voice of America on COVID

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) mentioned Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that former President Donald Trump had to reply for making then-White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci the voice of COVID-19.

On endorsing a Republican major candidate, Sununu mentioned, “Well, I wouldn’t say there’s a shortlist I’m out there with all the candidates. I’m seeing kind of how they do the retail politics. I’m a big believer — good retail politics translate into good retail management. And that’s what the White House needs, someone that understands what’s happening in in folks’ everyday lives as opposed to just watching the media all the time.”

When requested about Chris Christie, Sununu mentioned, “Chris is doing a great job. God bless Chris, man. He goes nuclear on the president and he’s got his own style. His poll numbers are surging through the roof especially here in New Hampshire where he’s putting time on the ground. He connects with folks. Again, he’s a governor, right?”

He added, “I tend to be pretty partial to governors because what the White House needs more than ever is true executive leadership. Someone who kind of says the buck stops here. The biggest problem that a lot of us Republican governors, going back to your first question has, with the former president was Fauci, right? Every day we were on those calls and every day Fauci was there, and a lot of us kept saying, Mr. President, when are you getting rid of Fauci? He never did. He kept putting him out there as the voice of America on this stuff and he’s got to be held accountable to that frankly. A lot of folks in the base aren’t forgetting those types of things.”

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