Trump Is ‘More Detached from Reality,’ Increasingly Confused

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl stated Sunday on “This Week” that former President Donald Trump was turning into “more detached from reality” and more and more confused.

Karl stated, “It’s not an outlier. We have seen similar polls that shows in that hypothetical matchup which doesn’t seem all that hypothetical. Biden versus Trump shows he can win, and he’s leading in the battleground states.”

He continued, “But one thing to consider here is Trump has been in the news over the last year or so based on these criminal cases, the civil case in New York, but people have not been paying attention to what Trump has become.”

Karl added, “Trump, since he left the White House, and this is really the theme of my book, has become more detached from reality than he ever was even in the White House. If you think of where we were in January 2021, that’s the starting point for where a Trump presidency would be next time around. So I think he’s had largely, believe it or not, a free ride. The criminal cases we know about, but what he’s thinking, and what he’s doing.”

He concluded, “We talk about Biden’s age a lot. Biden’s negatives are on television every day you see them. Trump has become also increasingly confused about things. Sometimes he thinks he lost to Obama in the last election. He confuses basic facts, says some rather strange things, but there isn’t much attention paid. As we get closer, we’ll sea where Trump is based on the criminal cases, but where he is now as a human being.”

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