U.S. Has Not Enforced Sanctions on Iranian Oil

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,  stated on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that  President Joe Biden’s administration wanted to implement the sanctions on Iranian oil.

McCaul stated, “This is really started by Iran, really by their proxies. Hamas is a proxy OK soIran. Hezbollah has a 100,000 rockets that can fire in and overload the Iron Dome. Meanwhile, they’ve been also the militia groups in Iraq and Syria, heavy hitting our troops in Iraq and Syria. Finally, the administration is responding to this. Also they put aircraft carrier strike groups in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf for deterrence, to ensure that this does not escalate but that’s our biggest concern.”

He continued, “I think you know the sanctions. We have not enforce sanctions on Iranian oil and so we’ve had about 30 to 60 billion dollars they made money off of by invading our sanctions. That goes straight into funding of terrorist organizations like Hamas  like Hezbollah.”

McCaul added, “In addition the 6 billion dollars part of this hostage negotiation a mark of a bill next week to sanction that money from ever going into Iran. There’s no reason put put 6 billion dollars into the biggest state sponsor of terror.”

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