UC Ethnic Studies Scolds Admin for Describing Hamas Attack as Terrorism

The UC Ethnic Studies Faculty issued a public letter scolding the University of California administration for utilizing phrases like “terrorism” to explain the horrific Hamas assault on Israel, which claimed 1,400 lives, most of whom have been civilians.

Following the assault in early October, UC President Michael Drake issued a robust assertion rebuking the Hamas atrocity, describing it as an act of terrorism.

“This was an act of terrorism launched on a major Jewish holiday,” Drake stated.

In response, the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council rebuked the assertion, claiming it might result in hate crimes towards Muslims and additional marginalize Palestinians.

“In the strongest possible terms, the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council, a diverse statewide body that represents over 300 faculty systemwide, rejects recent U administrative communications that distort and misrepresent the unfolding genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and thereby contribute to the racist and dehumanizing erasure of Palestinian daily reality,” it stated.

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After defending antisemitic actions like Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), the letter stated its members haven’t any “confidence that the UC administration comprehends or respects its obligation to make public statements that demonstrate a full understanding of this historical moment.”

“This is an egregious failure of leadership, given the University of California’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost educational and research institutions,” it stated. “Statements issued by institutions of higher learning carry a heavy burden, as they are understood as bearing moral authority and academic expertise.”

“It is deeply distressing that the UC and other higher education institutions’ administrative statements in the last week and a half, that irresponsibly wield charges of ‘terrorism” and “unprovoked’ aggression, have contributed to a climate that has made Palestinian students and community members unsafe, even in their own homes. These statements stoke anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian sentiments,” it continued.

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