We Won’t Support GOP Bill Making Israel Aid ‘Conditional’ — We Have Condition of Tying it to Ukraine

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) acknowledged that Democrats are going to oppose the House Republican invoice on Israel assist as a result of it makes “aid to Israel conditional” but additionally as a result of it isn’t tied to Ukraine funding.

Hoyer mentioned, “In all of those instances, we should be sending a message of unity and decisiveness and resolve. We’re sending exactly the wrong images with the bill that he wants to put through the floor. I think we’re going to reject it. The Senate’s not going to take it. The president’s said he’s going to veto it. Why? Because it is making, first of all, aid to Israel conditional. I’m not for that. And secondly, it is sending a message that I’m sure Putin, Hezbollah, Hamas, Xi, Kim Jong-un all like, of disunity in America and a lack of resolve in confronting both Ukraine and Putin and Hamas and supporting Israel. So, it’s a darn shame. And it is what he said he wasn’t going to do when he gave his first speech. We had one unifying vote, that was on the Israel resolution, support of Israel, and, overwhelmingly, over 400 members voted for that. And then, shortly thereafter, he comes with…this divisive — and of course, what they’ve been showing the American people from the 15 votes on speaker to the 23 days they have shut down government and showed themselves unable to come to consensus within their own party, they’re a party deeply divided, divisive, and dysfunctional.”

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