We’ll Call College Presidents to Testify on Antisemitism, But There Are a Lot of Them

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) mentioned that college presidents will likely be referred to as earlier than the committee to testify on how they’re dealing with antisemitism and help for Hamas on campus, but additionally cautioned that “there are so many of them to invite to come up, we’d be having hearings day after day after day on nothing but this issue.”

Host Greta Van Susteren requested, “[B]ack in the early nineties, when people were admitting that there was a health crisis associated with smoking cigarettes, Congress pulled the CEOs of the tobacco companies to Capitol Hill to answer questions. When are the presidents of these universities going to be brought before your committee and answer questions about what they’re doing and not doing to condemn Hamas?”

Foxx responded, “Well, Greta, first of all, they’re not doing enough, we know that. They have allowed this…this has been festering for a long time on the campuses, and it’s broken out more after the October 7 horrendous attacks by Hamas. But these colleges and universities have been in a downward spiral for a long time. They should be bastions of free thinking without any regard to partisan dialogue. It should be a place where students can learn from all sides and make decisions. But that’s not what’s happening. We need these presidents to speak out forcefully and to do the right thing. Antisemitism cannot be tolerated anywhere in this country, and particularly on campuses.”

Van Susteren then mentioned, “But you have the power, Madam Chairwoman, because you pull them up to the Hill and you show their faces to the committee and they answer questions, their feet will be held to the fire. Otherwise, they’re just going to sit and hide in their ivory towers. They’re going to continue to let like 100 professors — who have free speech rights, I get it — at Columbia, write the letter that we reported [on] last night. You actually can — you can ask them to come and face tough questions.”

Foxx responded, “Well, we will do that, Greta. But we are calling them out. We called them out today in a bill that Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) and I co-sponsored along with our colleagues. We’re calling them out every single day on both sides of the aisle.”

Van Susteren then adopted up by stating that a invoice will take time to go and she or he doesn’t know why they received’t query college presidents instantly.

Foxx responded, “Greta, the only problem is, there are so many of them to invite to come up, we’d be having hearings day after day after day on nothing but this issue. We’re going after them, Greta.” Foxx then turned to laws House Republicans are doing.

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